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Andean Bavarian Ceviche in Berlin.

Nasca Uno alias Armin E. Mendocilla is a painter, muralist and illustrator based in the German capital of Berlin. His body of work is an extraordinary blend of ethnic motifs, bold visions of the psychedelic, and intricate depictions of the natural world. 


Nasca's artistic journey began against the backdrop of a small town near Munich in the early 1990s. Raised in a diverse family of German and Peruvian heritage, Nasca's early artistic influences were a melting pot of American and Japanese comic books, and the rich tapestry of his Peruvian roots. These formative years sowed the seeds of his artistic expression.

As Nasca entered his teenage years, he channeled his creative energies into graffiti art, adorning the urban landscape of his hometown, Munich, with his distinctive style. It was in these early experiences that his passion for artistic expression was ignited, and his penchant for larger-than-life murals began to take shape.

His artistic journey took a significant turn during his studies in media design. Venturing abroad to Asia, Nasca Uno embarked on his international painting career. The diverse cultures and influences he encountered during this period left an indelible mark on his artistic evolution. This period of cultural immersion served as a catalyst for the transformation of his artistic style.

Nasca Uno's signature style is a testament to this evolution. His artworks are a striking tableau of uniquely rendered figures, animals, and flora, often with a focus on the extraordinary and the otherworldly. His art delves into the realms of altered states of consciousness and the human experience, capturing the essence of transformation and the interconnectedness of all life forms.

Nasca Uno's work is a testament to the power of art to transcend borders, cultures, and mediums. His lush and captivating creations serve as a vibrant testament to the unending wellspring of inspiration derived from his diverse heritage and global experiences. 

Explore Nasca Uno's portfolio, and embark on a journey through a world where art transcends conventional boundaries, guiding us into the depths of the human spirit and the enigmatic wonders of the natural world.


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