„Nasca“ alias Armin E. Mendocilla is a painter, illustrator and character designer living currently in Berlin, Germany.

He was born and grew up in the city of Munich in the early 90s where he also began to discover his passion in comics, art and the Graffiti culture. His interest and love in drawing began from the age as a toddler. Inspired and amazed early on by powerful comic styles such as from 'MAD', Don Rosa's style in the Disney comics and Akira Toriyamas 'Dragon Ball', he started developing his very own characteristic style. Later on when he discovered the work from big Graffiti icones from his home town Munich such as "Won ABC" or "SatOne", he also stepped up to the graffiti path of life. This is when he also chose to pick his name "Nasca", which got inspired by his ancestral roots to Peru in South America where there's a certain archeological site with this name. 

Furthermore he studied Media and Communication Design in Germany and Malaysia and is self educated in painting and arts. 

Today Nasca work concentrates mainly on paintings, illustrations, Graffiti and mural work in classic traditional way or digital.


The thematics in his paintings are frequently containing elements from the ancient and current times of mankind, deities and animals and people from all around the world. His aim is to visualize the universal bond between all living creatures in our world, their rituals, our ancestry and the universal balance. 


Nasca‘s paintings can be found worldwide in galleries or on walls, like in Burma, Vietnam, the Philippines, Cuba, Peru, the U.S., Germany, Italy and many more.

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