Born in Munich and residing in Berlin, German artist ‘Nasca’ or 'Nasca Uno' alias Armin Mendocilla honours his Peruvian roots through his name, which derives from the extinct Nazca culture of South-Peru and by depicting indigenous, South-American figures. Influenced by American and Japanese comic and traditional painting masters, his detailed portraits for which he mainly uses colours occurring in nature, blending realism and cartoonist elements.

Skilled on a wide range of surfaces, Nasca combines spray, acrylic and veneer paint to bring his artworks to life. Besides his powerful portraits, Nasca also creates figural motives, often animals and plants, or a meld of both. Including abstract elements and lush natural fragments into his intricate pieces, he adds a visually appealing contrast to the dynamic of the artwork. By illustrating people, flora and fauna of the Americas, like the Shipibo tribe of northern Peru, he is looking to bring attention to complex subject matters that these cultures face.

Being self-taught, over the years Nasca has become an extremely skilled artist who’s commissioned as well as self-initiated artworks can be found around the globe.

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