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Muralist, painter, and illustrator Nasca One (alias Armin E. Mendocilla) is best known for his lush, powerful, and funky surrealistic figurative sceneries featuring striking imagery of ethnic elements and psychedelic visions of flora and fauna. His work appears on murals up to several story buildings in Europe, South America, and Asia and is often commissioned by companies and collectors.


Growing up in the city of Munich in the early 90s to a mixed German Peruvian family, Nasca began drawing influences by his love for American and Japanese comic strips and by his Peruvian heritage. His craft developed early in his teens when he began doing graffiti and later larger scaled murals in his hometown of Munich.


During his media design studies, he lived abroad in Asia where his international painting career started. Influenced by new cultures and people Nasca’s style of painting evolved. His signature style focuses on uniquely rendered figurative paintings of people, animals, special flora, and fungi like those who produce altered states of minds of the human experience.


Over the last years, he was part of numerous Meeting of Styles in Italy, the Philippines, or Indonesia and Festivals such as Street Art Nuremberg, Hola Utopia Hannover, Sibiu Street Art Romania and Nikomovement Tbilisi Georgia where he was invited by the German Goethe Institute. He created murals for brands such as Seat, Lollapalooza, N26, Katjes, MarcCain, Adidas, Thomas Sabo, Berlin Fashion Week, and more.


Today Nasca’s work concentrates mainly on paintings, illustrations, graffiti, and mural work in classic traditional ways or digital. His art combines elements from ancient and contemporary human history, deities as well as flora and fauna from all over the world. Nasca aims to visualize the universal bond between all living creatures in our world, their rituals, our ancestry, and the universal balance.

MarcCain | Berlin Fashion Week
Thomas Sabo | Berlin Fashion Week
Book A Street Artist GmbH
Katjes Fassin GmbH 
Adidas Base Berlin
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