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Street Art Festival Nürnberg

A couple of months ago I had the pleasure to get invited to the German city of Nürnberg to paint this mural at one of the focal points of the city's area in Langwasser Süd. As a lot of nations come together and live here I decided to represent them through a variety of their nations typical elements that you can find gathered together in the backpack of the wandering indigenous lady. When I arrived I didn't prepare the full concept nor a sketch, I just let the people inspire me through conversations, the people I saw strolling around. So the whole wall almost developed by freestyling. It also was a great pleasure to work together with the oldschool3dmaster and my friend @loomit_official who also added some elements in the backpack. Can you identify them? Also a huge big up and thanks to @streetart_nbg and my brother @kidcrow_id for making this event happening and the awesome organization! Also shoutouts to the British fellas @tizerid@dr_shucksdable_id @relay_ha_id for the good times 🍻.

If you want to check out the mural yourself then head to Giebel der Feulnerstraße 1/ Imbuschstraße in Langwasser Süd.


Always an honor to collaborate with the German legend and style master from the very first minute: @loomit_official. This is the second mural the two of us realized in the district Langwasser of Nürnberg, Germany thanks to the super team of @streetart_nbg @kidcrow_id . A little hommage to the local german painter legend for those who know.

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