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Artbase Festival Neustrelitz

The Amazon fires are still burning. Human greed will always be burning. Just because the topic starts disappearing more and more in the mainstream media the problem is still out there my friends. Stand up for your rights for a safe and healthy planet, our Pacha Mama.

What you can do? Go out on the streets this Friday for #globalclimatestrike or support and donate to alliances like the @rainforestalliance and @coica_amazonia_oficial which are supporting frontline groups, indigenous leaderships and other rainforest alliances in the Amazon. 🌿💚

A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to realize this mural at the @artbase_festival with the intention to raise awareness about this topic through my channel. Thanks to everyone who supported me during and after the process, for the good times and special thanks to @andreas.boettger for the invitation and the brilliant shots. Other shots taken by @thors_nature and @urbanart4you 🙏🏽 To our mother earth 🌳

This year the legendary Urban Art Festival took place in a remote and abandoned psychiatric ward not far from Berlin. Over 150 international street art artists and 5 Berlin collectives have transformed this ancient Lost Place with with various art installations and wall paintings .

#ActForAmazonia #SaveTheAmazon#nasca1 #nascauno #globalwarming#amazonianfire #WeekForFuture#globalclimatestrike #urbanartforfuture#streetartglobe

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