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Street Art Festival in Tbilisi Georgia 🇬🇪

In September 2021 I was invited by @nikomovement to take part in the „Nikomovement“ Street Art festival to execute a 7 story mural painting in the Georgian capital Tbilisi.

In fact, from the first minute with the Nikomovement team I felt perfectly cared for. The organization was very professional, perfectly timed and the whole mural realization process was well prepared and thought-through. I was given the rare opportunity to dive into the Georgian culture and to get to experience it first-hand. The team soon became friends and the food and terrific wine we shared made the experience unique.

Leaving Tbilisi, the people and the food was harder than expected. I can’t wait to be back for another project and opportunity to dive once more into the culture of this beautiful country.

What a fantastic experience, a country that left me speechles in every best way. Special thanks to my hermano @benomova , the man and machine behind the scenes and his crew of amazing people and new friends , for their amazing hospitality and best company.

I am very looking forward to come back!

Didi Madloba დიდი მადლობა

📸 Shots by @benomova and @nick_pania

#nascaone #mura l#montanacolors #mtn94 #nikomovement #streetartoftheday #graffitiart #characterart #inktober2021 #psychedelic #instadraw #graffiti

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