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Lollapalooza Berlin: Amazonian souls

Fight for your Mother Earth. As she fights for you.Not only today. 🌿Love to everyone out there! 💚🌎✊🏽

Amazonian peace chantings in Berlin 🌿

This year I got chance to cooperate with SEAT at the Music Festival @lollapaloozade in Berlin. Under the motto "Music and People" I could choose and realize my motive completely freely. The motif is intended to draw attention to the ongoing fires in the Amazon as well as to the Indigenous people living there, who have to struggle most with the consequences of deforestation and land loss. Not only is the habitat becoming smaller and smaller for the local people, but the Amazon region is also becoming increasingly uninhabitable for all wild animals. People from the Amazon and animals have lived in harmony for centuries and should continue to do so. Exactly this harmony between humans and animals in their natural habitat should become clear in my picture and set a sign for finally waking up and participating actively in the discussion.

Shout outs to the good company @rozaliusz @teetoss @emesa_amze @stereoheat @michi_unofficial @cliff.goncalo and my best @mona.aaah for the good times 🍻 it was a blast with you fellas 🙌🏼. Three days before the start of the festival we started working on the wall and on the day of the festival we only finished the final details.

#SEATsounds #LollaBerlin #nascauno #nasca1#amazonas #graffiti #streetartberlin #Lollapalooza#montanacolors #monkeyart #anzeige #characterdesigns

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